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Lights, camera, traction!!!!

Well, me and Lex got a script to film on friday, the guy wanted it in a week, which left us no time to prep. but in true "BLue hyena" spirit we panic-ed for a few minutes and then assembled our trusty filming crew. So, on sunday afternoon, after our "trusty" film crew dropped out we dragged together a rag tag gang of people, including a young scally lad called "Tel" who happened to be hanging around in a empty car park, to help us get this project done.
It was pretty hairy and we had to set up in the blind spot between two security cameras but in the end we got it all done.
And it looked pretty good, if i do say so myself. The only casualty was Leon, our leading man, who dispite putting in a stella performance, managed to get punched in the face by me, smash his face in on the concrete floor and almost freeze to death.

So i now expect that we'll all be big stars and make loads of money instantly.....ok back to reality....i'm still poor...but at least i'm not as sore as leon is this morning :)
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