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Role-play a go go

I had a great weekend this week. Me, Danny and Ash dragged our sorry butts to Maestrom near Nottingham. After an hour of being there were were hired to play a hen night and i have to say, theres nothing like being the centre of attention in a room full of pissed up women that brings about the precise balance of Terror and Enjoyment that is as close to S+M as i like to get!!! Talk about dangerous work, after two songs we were told off for being too bawdy but after a few more drinks, i think we were luck to get out with out pants on. After that we were the celebritys of the event and could'nt go anywhere without being chatted up.
After a few more gigs around various camps and bars we settled down to an enjoyable evening of drinking and jokes.
The drive home wasn't bad and having decided to take monday off, it all rounded out to a great weekend :)
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