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The Big Ska night out!!

Last night, Me and the boys from the band went down to one of the local venues on southend seafront to watch a huge line up of some of the best Ska bands that europe has to offer. TooTonic were playing when we turned up and i have to say i fell inlove with them as soon as they had started there first song. Combineing Phat ska with some of the best Vocals i've ever heard They were so tight it made my hair hurt!!! Following them up were a band from Eastern europe called the Chancer. Fronted by the smallest skinhead i have ever seen they were a interesting mix of old school ragga and new wave euro-punk and they managed to have the room jumping with little apparent effort on their part.
For me though, as always, the band that rocked the fucking roof off were THE BIG, Ed and the gang started the their set with the bluesest number in there bag of tricks, i feel that this may have been a kind of test for the crowd, to see if they turned off at the sound of somthing other than off-beat ska. As usual the crowd totally fell in love with the big within seconds of Them opening there bag of tricks and laying the first notes of "(she fucking wound me right up) what a cunt"
I order every Music love who reads this to check out their web site at your lives will be less bright if you don't :)
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