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saturday night cleaver

Well, saturday night we played one of the best gigs we've ever played. When we turned up to the bar for the "battle of thre bands" We all sighed, due mainly to the fact thet the guy who had told us that all the gear we needed to play was already at the bar, Was a lying wanker. When we realised that we didn't have any Amps or PA Danny fronted up to this bullshitting fuckwit and asked what the deal was his response was as follows
Danny: you told me on the phone that you had all the equiptment we needed to play?
Shithead: yeah, i know.
Danny: so why the fuck did you tell us that, when you obviously DON'T have the equiptment?
Shithead: Look, I'm the manager of the bar, what the fuck do i know about music equiptment!
Danny: You're a fucking moron ain't you?
Shithead: So, how many punters have you brought down tonight?
Danny: Are you insane?
This went on with the guy not twigging, at any point, that we were REALLY REALLY pissed off with him and ended with another band turning up with JUST enough gear to get us wired for sound.
Unfortunatly, the reguals at the pub really didn't give a shit about any of the bands playing, so whan we hit the stage we pulled out all the stops and raised the roof off the place and managed to get the whole bar jumping. when we came off stage it took me ten minutes to get to the toilet, what with everyone stopping me to tell me how good we were. which is nice.
When it came round to the winners, the whole bar was telling us we had won and as the announcement was made all eyes were turned to us.....and we lost, to the guys who brought the Amps and PA. the whole bar started booing and calling fix. which must have sucked for the winners, who were really nice guys. I'm not sure who was more pissed off actually, Us or Them. The Bass player was livid, he said that he hated doing "battles" and he even more hated being patronised by moron Bar managers.
All in all though, We all had a great night and have made friends with the band we lost to (they've asked to support us anytime we need them)
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