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Christmas in the doledrums

There is one thing worse than being alone at christmas and thats being surrrounded by people trying to cheer you up and asking why you're alone. So you end up recounting the same half true story to everyone single person at the party,one at a time, and god forbid you should find a quiet place to sit out of the way of everyone!!!
Now don't go thinking that i've spent the weekend dressed in black, mopeing about like a pissed off teenager, I'm very good at hiding my feelings from people, putting a brave face on is speciallity of mine of which i'm quite proud in fact. But unfortunatly when everyone thinks your sitting on cloud nine, they have a tendency to be interested, to ask questions about "how life treating ya?". So, in order to hide the truth from the people closest to me i dodged, side-stepped and spun every conversation that was thrown at me until, at the end of the night, i managed to escape in the shadow of my brother and his baby arriving (grandchildren are a 1st class distraction).
Thankfully the night was partially saved by a long, cold walk home.
In case you were wondering what the moral of the story was it is as follows...

"I really am a cock".

I can't help it and i never seem to be able to catch myself doing it at the time, only noticing through hindsight (which, as we all know, is 20/20) I DO try to keep a handle on my mouth but unfortunatly if you only every hurt the ones you love maybe i should have bought them some body armor instead of DVD's.

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